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Sports Performance Enhancement

 Athletes seek the competitive edge.

 Athletes are using the Buteyko technique as part of their training program because the Buteyko Technique offers them:


By perfecting their breathing patterns both on and off the field, the body has the ability to fully enjoy the benefits of better oxygenation.

 So instead of defending against over-breathing with unnecessary aches and pains, the Buteyko technique enhances the benefits of exercising and assists in developing the full potential of the athlete or health conscious person.

 Sports people using the Buteyko Technique:

 Ramon Andersson (Olympic Kayaker)
Emmily Snook (Olympic Rower)
Mathew Dunn (Olympic Swimmer )
Dion Russell (Walker)
Jaime Fernandez (Rower)
Paul Genovesi (Rower)
Craig Riddington (Ironman)
Kylie Webb (Professional Surfer)
Jason Norrish (Fremantle Docker - AFL)
Craig Burrows (Fremantle Docker - AFL)
Caron Clonda (Squash)
Micheal Klim (Swimmer)
Mindy Meehan (18' Yacht Sailing)
John Laurito (Swan Districts Football Club - WAFL)